Random Cat Photo

Cat and Shadow
This has nothing to do with anything other than I liked this photo and I guess it matches up with the sunshine we’re having! Today is a beautiful day, and it was quite a beautiful morning around 5:45, too, when I had to take our dog out. A beautiful indigo blue sky as the sun was verging on rising, and the half moon was glowing beautifully.

But this post is about the cats enjoying the sunshine. I took this one a couple of days ago when I saw Lola sitting contentedly in the sunshine. If you look at the bottom of the photo, you’ll see why I wanted to take this photo specifically. Luna, our other cat, is casting a shadow, as she was also enjoying the sun. I liked having both cats represented in the shot, even if you couldn’t see both of them at once.

Luna and Lola wish you all a day of sun-warmed tummies!

7 thoughts on “Random Cat Photo

    • The funny thing is that Lola is the least film noir kind of cat. She’s our silly wooly booly! It’s amazing what a bit of light and shadow can do. Luna, on the other hand, is absolutely a femme fatale. Even just her shadow can give you chills. 😉

  1. It’s like shadow trickery LOL … or a very bad attempt at placing a cat into a blank room photo with photoshop and then putting the shadow in completely the wrong place !!!!

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